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Monday, October 3, 2011


Wuz Up PPL Everybody that has been asking about the remake of wick3dmusik. It is up an ready but i still have alot of work to do on it. Don't have much as this one does yet but it does have some artist this one dont have. But i will be working on it more and more as weeks and days past by. Incase you didn't see it in the chat it so go check it out WHOOP WHOOP!!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Guys. I only have two artist up right now. When I get more up an have it the way i want it. I will post the other sites link. Until Then MCL Whoop Whoop!!!!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Re Do OF Wick3dMusik

Guys, Sorry I Havent Been Postin On Here. I've Been Working On A Remake Of Wick3dMusik With Different Name And Everything. I Will Leave This One Up Until The Other One Is Done. The Other One Is A Whole Lot Better An Has More Stuff To It. Once I Get It The Way I Want It I Will Post The Link To The New Wick3dMusik As Alwasy MCL Whoop Whoop

Friday, May 13, 2011


Smokers Section
1.Always Smokin
2.Pass Out
3.Mary Me 
4.What I'm About 
5.Get Shit Lit 
6.Just Chillin
8.I.D.T. (Intro)
10.Never Quit 
11.Potent Smoke 
12.All Out 
13.Mo Weed
14.Family Tree
15.Lemme Break It 
16.High Hopes 

Danger Doom

Sofa King/Mince Meat 
1.Sofa King (Album Version)
2.Sofa King (Instrumental)
3.Sofa King (Remix)
4.Mince Meat (Album Version)
5.Mince Meat (Instrumental)

Danger Doom

Old School
1.Old School (CD Single)
2.Old School (12")
3.Old School (12"W/Lbl Promo)
4.Old School (7" Pic)

Danger Doom

Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid Ep
2.Social Distortion
4.Garden Gnomes 
5.Perfect Hair
6.Knuckle Sanwich (Remix)